2017 Events


Please join The Network of Entrepreneurial Women (NEW) for an evening of refreshments, networking and
learning on March 8th. 

“Transforming Lives Through Fitness” Presented by Nicole Harp, Owner Break the Mold CrossFit, Home of Steve’s Club Louisville

In 2012 Nicole and her husband Bill began CrossFit together while on active duty at Fort Hood, Texas.  They quickly saw how this healthy lifestyle and amazing community improved both their lives and the lives of their Soldiers.  It was then that they both decided that their goal was to one day open a CrossFit Gym.

Two years later, Nicole and Bill were deployed in support of an Egyptian peace keeping mission.  While stationed in Egypt, they ran the non-profit military CrossFit affiliate there, serving Soldiers from over five nations.  To supplement their training, they ordered food from Steve’s PaleoGoods.  This company donates 15% of their proceeds to Steve’s Club, a national non-profit that provides free CrossFit to at risk and high risk youth.  Nicole and Bill decided that they wanted to be a local chapter of Steve’s Club when they opened their own gym.

Today, Break the Mold provides CrossFit to adults and is the home of Steve’s Club Louisville.  We believe that our partnership with West Louisville organizations can bring about change in the West End.  Additionally, the community that CrossFit provides is necessary to transform lives.  We provide a facility and means for adults to help the community and get fit in the process.

Wednesday, March 8, 2016
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Break The Mold CrossFit
3212 Commerce Center Pl
Louisville, KY 40211
 Please feel free to dress in your comfortable gym attire for this event.
(Located in the Big A Shopping Center on the side facing Dollar General)
Phone: 502-773-5671
NEW is asking for an optional $10.00 or more in a cash donation from guests attending this event to help us cover the cost of future events.




  • April 12th: Featured Speaker – Kyle Citrynell, Seiller Waterman (Intellectual Property)

  • May 10th: Featured Speaker – Sharon Scott, ARTFM

  • June 14th: NEW SHOWCASE

  • July 12th: Featured Speaker – Summer Auerbach, Rainbow Blossoms

  • August 9th: Featured Speaker – Quinn Hart, Strothman and Company (Small Business Taxes)