January 2013
Dale Herink, Life Coach and Owner of SageAdvice
Topic: Setting Goals & Making Choices to Make Your Life Work

Email: dale.herink@me.com
Website: http://www.sageadviceonline.net

February 2013
University of Louisville vs. South Florida
Topic: Networking Event and Amy Seng, Director of Student-Athlete Development and a former U of L soccer gave the group an overview of existing U of L student-athlete engagement opportunities and how to get involved with mentoring, and potential internships for student-athletes.

March 2013
Phoebe Wood, Principal of CompaniesWood
Topic: What Angels Look for in Entrepreneurial Investments

April 2013
Venture Sharks Competition

May 2013
Cara Silletto, Founder and President of Crescendo Strategies
Topic:  Bridging the Generational Divide – Are you a Boomer who thinks the newest generation in the office lacks loyalty and work ethic? Are you a Millennial who never seems to meet the unwritten expectations of your older coworkers? Or perhaps you’re a Gen X-er caught in the middle? Today’s widening generational gaps require awareness and compromise, and those who can capitalize on the strengths of each generation will achieve much greater success in retaining top talent and improving results. This discussion will provide insight for what makes each generation tick and how to work together more effectively.
Email: cara@crescendostrategies.com
Website:  www.crescendostrategies.com

June 2013

NEW 2nd Annual Showcase

July 2013

Lisa Bajorinas, Managing Director at GLI EnterpriseCorp
Creating a Great Investor Pitch
Email: lbajorinas@enterprisecorp.com
Website: www.enterprisecorp.com