2019 Events

Please join The Network of Entrepreneurial Women (NEW) for an evening of refreshments, networking and
learning on Wednesday, April 10th.

Uplifting and Supportive
Custom Bras Really Do Take A Village!

Presented by: Michelle McGinnis, Founder of Anna Francis

Friends call us AnnFran, and we choose to run our custom-bra business like one big family, always as comfortable and as accommodating as possible. This amazing adventure was born when I realized I couldn’t find a comfortable bra. This ultimately inspired me to create an online company that enables people to create a bra according to their measurements, needs and standards, while we take care of the fit, procurement of quality fabrics and assurance that the bra looks and feels great. In creating this company and our custom-bra processes, I found inspiration, strength and guidance in my personal heroes. For starters, Anna Francis, the company namesake, was my grandmother. I will always cherish her time, words and memories. She taught me to sew and having her name on my label means I will always, always take quality of product and both customer and colleague relationships very personally. Enough about us for now, as “custom” is all about you.

~ Michelle and her wonderful team of believers:
Muggs McGinnis, Lora Searcy, Dottie Eaton, Marcie Neal White, Andy Rollins, and Schuyler Grisham

Please join us in celebrating this female business owner and learning about her journey:
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Belle Monde Boutique
115 Fairfax Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40207